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ExpatRide is the preferred provider for many Fortune 1000 companies and relocation companies.

We can assist you with car leases in 38 countries.

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Expatriates can get a car without a local credit history or driver's license

As an expat, you can arrange for your car before or after you move abroad. With our program, there are no restrictions on when to start the process. ExpatRide provides leasing for new cars and used cars in most countries.

We can assist in the following countries: Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, Panama, Philippines, Qatar, Romania, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tanzania, Thailand, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Tailored to fit your needs

    • Start process before or after arrival
    • Personal Car Shopper Service (free service) - saves time and hassle with visiting dealers
    • We can source any make and model
    • Assistance throughout the term in regards to registration, renewals, etc.
    • Competitive interest rate

Frequently Asked Car Leasing Questions

  • Why is it difficult for an expat to lease a car?

    The vehicle leasing process is difficult across countries, so expats unfamiliar with the protocols will struggle managing this - especially if the country's primary language differs from their native tongue.

    Additionally, expats typically come into their host country with low or non-existent credit score, making leases harder to secure or restrict them to unfavorable deals.

  • What are the benefits of using ExpatRide?

    Many clients find it challenging to navigate the foreign vehicle market, especially when they've already got their hands full overseeing other aspects of their deployed expat's lifestyle transition. ExpatRide's main benefits are experience, expediency, and convenience. Our program was crafted to meet all the expat's transportation needs, allowing them to dedicate their full attention to addressing all the other lifestyle challenges relocation presents.

  • Can I Personalize My Vehicle Request?

    Yes - in fact, personal requests are encouraged. When searching for your ideal vehicle, ExpatRide takes both your needs and budget into account, negotiating the agreement on your behalf with the best dealership available. Clients may request specific vehicles if they're so inclined, and our team will focus on procuring that model.

    General requests are also entertained, so if you need a six-seater or want a car with a sunroof, don't hesitate to let us know. While we cannot guarantee availability due to car shortages in some areas, we'll always try to accommodate client preferences to the very best of our ability!

  • Why should I lease new when I could buy used?

    This may come as a surprise, but leasing new is typically cheaper than buying used vehicles.

    Leases have lower initial down payments, which is ideal for expats who've recently moved. Most leases also incorporated scheduled maintenance costs in the agreement, allowing them to handle vehicle upkeep on your behalf.

    Buying a pre-owned car not only costs more upfront, but leaves you shouldering all of the upkeep and maintenance concerns (not just expenses!).

    Secondhand vehicles also depreciate over time, while leased vehicles can be traded in for newer models at a small markup - and you'd be improving your local credit score to boot!

  • Do I need to perform maintenance on a leased vehicle?

    Routine maintenance is crucial for leased vehicles - for both the provider and client!

    While some vehicle leases are covered by insurance (region-specific), improper maintenance falls under ""excluded incidents"" that exempt them from liability. Failing to adequately maintain your leased vehicle will incurr additional fees, which you'd then have to pay out-of-pocket.

    Even if that weren't the case, routine maintenance is non-negotiable! It's still for a vehicle you're using, whether it be as a passenger or as a driver, and your safety needs to be handled with the utmost importance.

  • Is maintenance included with the lease?

    Maintenance contracts may be included with the lease, but it's not a service we can guarantee across all our supported regions.

    We at ExpatRide strive to provide this through comprehensive, complimentary lease plans, but some countries may treat maintenance contracts as separate expenses.

    If you'd like further clarifications, kindly contact our sales team and mention the country you intend to operate in.

  • What happens if I want to break my lease early?

    Lease agreements have something called a ""lock-in period"", which dictates the minimum number of months you need to pay, regardless of how long the leased vehicle was used.

    For example, a 24-month lease may have a 12-month lock-in period. If you opted out on sixth month, you'd be expected to pay the remaining months stipulated in the lock-in period.

    That said, there are no extra penalties for breaking the lease. If you opted out at the 12-month mark for the above, you'd be allowed to end the contract at no additional cost.

  • Is insurance included with the lease?

    Insurance is typically covered in the base lease package, though some of our supported regions handle it as a separate charge.

    No need to worry though, as we have partners in the area who can help facilitate your leasing agreement's insurance coverage.

  • Can I lease more than one car?

    Yes, clients are welcome to do so. If you'd like to lease more than one car, feel free to let us know.

  • How long does the lease process take?

    The timeframe for the leasing process differs greatly between countries, so it's hard to give an average approximation.

    It can wrap up in as quickly as one month or drag on for half a year, depending on the scope, scale, and specifics of the order.

    Generally though, you can expect faster turnaround times if you promptly deliver all pertinent information and legal documents. The process also gets expedited if you're flexible with the make and model if the car you're leasing, as it gives us a wider pool of vehicles to operate with.

  • Do you support Global Mobility HR with their expats’ transportation needs?

    Yes, we do. We at ExpatRide actually have quite a bit of experience assisting corporate HR divisions with the transportation needs of their deployed expat assignees.

  • Do you offer corporations direct billing via invoicing instead of credit card payment?

    Yes, we offer third-party direct billing options, allowing client companies to bypass the need for individual credit card approvals per payment.

  • How can ExpatRide support our corporate relocation service needs?

    ExpatRide aims to provide crucial support within the global mobility industry, providing assignees the resources and legitimacy needed to integrate themselves into their host country's community.

    We aim to supplement your relocation service by addressing their transportation needs, overcoming credit score limitations in the country, and streamlining the transaction process into one simple billing statement upon service completion - sparing assignees, RMCs, and HR divisions alike from the hassle of incidental expenses and reimbursement processing.

  • Is ExpatRide specialized in only supporting expatriates, or is it available for short-term and domestic needs?

    ExpatRide is happy to assist, even for local transportation needs. Our main service is workforce mobility, and we strive to deliver this to the best our our ability - whether the request be domestic or international.

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The EcoRide Program

ExpatRide’s initiative to reduce carbon emissions

Car manufacturers are gradually moving towards eco-friendlier practices and products. It’s becoming increasingly easier and affordable to lease electric and hybrid cars.

For example, Jaguar, Land Rover, and Volvo have announced that they will stop making new models with combustion engines.

We want to help our clients reduce the climate impact of their car services via three purpose-driven EcoRide initiatives:

  1. Vetting of our Global Supplier Network
  2. Motivating, Assisting, and Pushing greener choices
  3. The “EcoRide Choice” Program

Mandated by the client, EcoRide is designed always to choose the eco-friendlier option on behalf of international assignees worldwide.

Learn about EcoRide here

"So responsive and a pleasure to deal with"

– Neil from Britain, Toyota C-HR

"I highly recommend ExpatRide for anybody looking for a car after making the big move!"

– Andreas from Denmark, Audi A4

”The service we received was amazing! Out of everything we've had to do with our move overseas, getting our new car was the easiest and most stress-free."

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