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Get a car without an French credit history or driver's license

International professionals can arrange for their car before or after relocating to France. There are no restrictions on when to start the process with our program. Our French partner will help with relocation support by arranging expatriate finance, insurance, registration and road tax.

Full insurance and maintenance program can be offered with the lease.

Free "Personal Car Shopper Service"

Our intercultural program will provide you a skilled and knowledgeable professional contact who understands the car market in France.

New and Used Cars

Let your Personal Car Specialist assist you with locating the right car for you.

Expat Auto Leasing

We offer flexible leasing options for foreign professionals at competitive interest rates per annum for qualifying customers.

Expatriate Car Rental

Rentals are from 1 day up to 12 months. The rental car program covers 100 countries globally. Click here to book…

We can assist you in all of France

All major cities and all smaller cities, we’ll be there for you: Paris, Colmar, Haguenau, Mulhouse, Ribeauvillé, Strasbourg, Agen, Bayonne, Bergerac, Biarritz, Bordeaux, Dax, Lacq, Libourne, Mont-de-Marsan, Pau, Périgueux, Pessac, Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Talence, Aurillac, Clermont-Ferrand, Le Puy-en-Velay, Montluçon, Moulins, Riom, Vichyand the list goes on…

No matter where in France you are relocating to, contact us for your car needs:


  • Is expatriate auto insurance included in the lease payments?

    No, insurance is paid for separately. We can either offer insurance through our program or the customer can find their own insurance.

  • What features are included in the lease?

    The following features are included in the lease:
    • Delivery
    • VAT
    • Warranty

  • What are the required documents to start a lease?

    The following documents are required:
    • Copy of passport with photo
    • Copy of work visa
    • Copy of valid driver’s license – local or from your home country
    • Letter of employment stating salary, term and allowances
    • Completed finance application

  • Do I need an French driver's license to start a lease?

    No, it is not a requirement. You can drive with foreign driver's license for 90 days. Depending on your nationality, you have to obtain a French driver's license after a certain time period.

  • What is Personal Car Shopper Service?

    A free service - Our program will provide you a skilled and knowledgeable professional contact who understands the car market in Ireland. This has proven to be a big time saver.

  • What does the initial payment consist of?

    The initial payment consists of the following:
    • Registration fee and taxes
    • Pro-rated portion of current month’s monthly payment
    • First full month lease/finance payment

  • Is ExpatRide specialized in only supporting expatriates, or is it available for short-term and domestic needs?

    ExpatRide’s primary focus is on workforce mobility services. It includes all employees’ transportation needs, be it short-term international assignments or long-term and permanent moves. We can assist employees moving domestically and internationally.

  • How can ExpatRide support our corporate relocation service needs?

    We work with you to establish a global mobility program for all aspects of car transportation. Aligning customary transportation across continents, budgets, allowances, self-pay, approved vehicles, individually tailored solutions, and centralized direct billing arrangement across all services.

    If you work with a Relocation Management Company. We can support and implement the plan mentioned above together with the RMC, including coordinating expense management for your employees, thus utilizing the relocation support services infrastructure already provided to you by the RMC. We work with all the major RMCs and Destination Services Providers.

    Please see more information on our “Corporate page”

  • Do you offer corporations direct billing via invoicing instead of credit card payment?

    Yes, we offer different payment options worldwide for corporations. This is individually accessed and may not be available for all.

  • Do you support Global Mobility HR with their expats’ transportation needs?

    Yes, we can assist corporate human resource divisions in coordinating all transportation needs for their employees on international assignments.

Practical Information on Driving in France

Speed Limit

Motorways: 130 km/hr or 110 km/hr in rain
Dual carriageways (divided highways): 110 km/hr
Main roads: 80 km/hr (outside built-up areas)

Alcohol & Driving

The maximum level of blood alcohol is lower than the UK at 0.05%

Kids in Cars

Children between the weights of 9 and 18 kg must use a suitable car seat. Those between 15 and 36 kg must be sat on a booster seat or car seat using an adult belt.


When driving in France, always carry the following documents:
• Your driving licence
• Your passport
• Your V5C certificate
• Your insurance documents

Minimum Age

The minimum age to obtain a driving license is: sixteen years for a motorcycle, eighteen years for a car.

Auto Insurance

You must insure all motor vehicles in France to at least third party liability. Failure to insure a vehicle can lead to fines of up to €3,750. Car insurance in France covers the vehicle rather than the driver, meaning that other licensed drivers can driver your car if the policy allows it.

Phone & Driving

It is an offence to hold and use a mobile phone while driving in France. Hands-free use of mobile phones is not illegal. Though many drivers ignore this rule, traffic police are clamping down on drivers holding phones to their ears while driving, and drivers are liable to an on-the-spot fine.

Seat Belts

If seat belts are fitted to your car, they must be worn by both drivers and passengers. The driver has a responsibility to ensure that all passengers under the age of 18 are suitably restrained in the car.

Driver's License

If you are an expat or foreign student living in France, then you can drive using a foreign license for a while. The country recognizes driver’s licenses issued by many countries. However, after a certain period, about a year, in most cases, you will need to exchange your driving license for a French one.

With foreign driving licenses becoming invalid within 12 months of the residency date, it is vital to ensure that you get started on this process as quickly as possible after arrival. An application to change your license can be completed at the Police headquarters in Paris. You will need a form known as une demande d’échange de permis de conduire. Not all sub-prefectures process license exchanges, which means that it is a good idea to check beforehand so you can avoid any issues.

These are the Documents Required:

 A color photocopy of your current driver’s license.
 An official translation of your license, or an IDP (International Driver’s Permit) if you have it;
 A recent passport photograph.

Follow the link on how to exchange a foreign driver’s license: Service Public France.

Note: Information may not be up-to-date. Please check official government information for latest laws and regulations.

We finance all makes and models across the nation

We offer the following car brands and any other car brand available in France

About our partner in France:

Whether it is for business or personal use, they can find the ideal specification and terms to suit your needs.

Learn to navigate the French language of leasing

Below you’ll find a translation of common lease terms from English to French. To learn more about the meaning of these terms, simply follow the link to our Glossary for Expat Car Leasing

Glossary for Expat Car Leasing | ExpatRide

Common lease terms - English to French

Down payment or Capitalized cost reduction – Acompte ou réduction des coûts capitalisés

Depreciation – Dépréciation

Early Termination – Résiliation anticipée

Excess mileage charge – Frais de kilométrage excédentaire

Excess Wear and Tear – Usure excessive

First Month’s Payment – Paiement du premier mois

Insurance – Assurance

Lease term – Durée du bail

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price – Prix de vente recommandé par le fabricant

Maintenance package – Pack de maintenance

Monthly payment – Paiement mensuel

Option to Purchase – Option d’achat

Residual value – Valeur résiduelle

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    • Start process before or after arrival to France
    • Build a French credit score
    • We can source any make and model
    • Personal Car Shopper Service (free intercultural service) - saves time and hassle with visiting dealers
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