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ExpatRide Webinar & Training

Introduction to our global services & how to better serve your client’s needs

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HR and Mobility Consultants

The training will focus on giving you a basic understanding of how our One-Stop-Shop service works for your assignees when it comes to car leasing, car rental, and chauffeur services.

The webinar will give you an overview of our global programs and how we can build/tailor services to become your strategic partner for all your assignees' needs.

Sales Directors and Account Managers

As an RMC or DSP, your best sales tool is to be able to address your clients' needs proactively. We will train your sales teams not only on what we do but why it matters and how our services will assist them in gaining and retaining clients. This not due to sales tricks, but because they may not be comfortable with how to address transportation needs and proactively present strategic solutions.

ExpatRide's services and locations have grown a lot over the last few years, creating a global reach and service not seen before. It is therefore new to many salespeople that these services now exist and how they can use it for their clients' benefits.

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Our webinar is three steps to assignee success

    • Introduction & training
    • Two-way dialogue on services and challenges
    • Global client service implementation