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We know what it's like to relocate to a new country

Our Mission Is to create solutions to current expat assignees’ transportation and settling-in needs. Using innovation, technology, and empathy, we strive to simplify global coordination and service deliveries for our partners and clients, with the end-user in the driver’s seat or as a passenger according to their needs!

The ExpatRide team consists of people with expat experience living in Cambodia, Canada, Cuba, Denmark, Egypt, Germany, Italy, Jordan Lesotho, Peru, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, the U.S., and Yemen. ExpatRide is a preferred provider for many global Fortune 1000 companies, financial institutions, and relocation companies globally.

Since the idea for ExpatRide was born in 2008 in the U.S. We have expanded our services to cover not only car leasing, but also rental cars, chauffeur service, airport transfer, and armored vehicles with security details.

In 2020 we launched ReloDrive, providing settling-in and area familiarization services. A more cost-efficient and flexible destination services program.

The Idea!

The idea for ExpatRide came from our founder Jesper Løvendahl’s own experiences with moving to New York in 2005. Trying to lease a car, get a credit card, cell phone, and renting a home without a U.S. credit score was hard to do.

Originally from Denmark, Jesper has lived as an expat in Germany, Singapore, the U.S., and now in Denmark. He is the former President of the Danish American Chamber in New York and the founder of Denmark’s most extensive international expat business network.

Our COO, Kristina Kihlberg, was Jesper’s first colleague. Together they have grown our concept since 2009.

Since founding ExpatRide, we have solved our clients’ challenges across the globe. Assisting our clients with anything from regular car leases in the United Kingdom to long-term chauffeur services in China, rental cars in South Korea, to armored vehicles with drivers in Brazil.

Our core focus is on supporting individual expatriates, HR talent mobility, employee relocation divisions, and relocation management companies with their transportation needs.

Our clients and partners needs are a driving force in making us a better company.

Please feel free to contact Jesper:

CEO & Founder Jesper Løvendahl
Email: JL@ExpatRide.com
Tel: +1 (561) 922-8922

The Environment

At ExpatRide, we know that we aren’t just working for the present. We are investing in the future. As climate change and other environmental issues take center stage and impact all areas of our lives, ExpatRide has taken the initiative to reduce our and the clients’ carbon footprint.

We want to help our clients reduce the climate impact of their journeys. We do this via two strategic initiatives:

1. Our global supplier network is vetted and prioritized according to their environmentally-friendly fleet of cars and their capabilities of taking steps to further lower CO2 emissions.

2. Providing our corporate clients and partners our “EcoRide Program”. A program designed always to choose the eco-friendlier option for the employee. We ensure these choices are made across six continents and all of our services. The program can lower the client’s CO2 emissions by between 30 and 80% when an eco-friendlier option is possible.


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