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ExpatRide - EcoRide Webinar

Introduction to EcoRide & how we can work together to make global mobility eco-friendlier

Webinar Designed For Corporations and RMCs

ExpatRide’s initiative to reduce carbon emissions for our clients


Agenda For The EcoRide Webinar Session

What is EcoRide and how can you and ExpatRide significantly reduce assignees’ carbon footprint? These questions and many more will be answered during our sessions.

We will cover the following:

  • Why EcoRide?
  • What is the EcoRide Program
  • Impact on the Environment
  • The EcoRide Choice Program
  • How to Implement the Program

The session will explain how we offer greener services across six continents and 175 countries

Choices worldwide:

  • Airport Transfer all major airports
  • Car Rental worldwide
  • Car Leasing in 58 countries
  • Chauffeur Service worldwide
  • Armored Vehicles and security service

The process, our supplier network, and payment options:

  • One-Point-of-Contact Service
  • How we work with our global supplier network
  • Direct billing options and self-pay

Questions can be submitted during our sessions.

Learn more about EcoRide here


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The EcoRide Program

      prioritized according to their environmentally-friendly fleet of cars and steps to further lower CO2 emissions.
      we will always present a green option for our clients to consider. If a hybrid car is priced the same, we will push (book) the hybrid without asking the assignee.
      Mandated by the client, EcoRide Choice is designed to always choose the eco-friendlier option on behalf of the employee.

Simple Changes Can Have a Huge Impact

The training will explain how the EcoRide Program is an opportunity to for your organization to make a positive environmental impact through simple means.

The webinar will also give you an overview of our global programs and how we can build/tailor services to become your strategic partner for all your assignees’ needs.