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Airport Transfer & Fast Track Service

A worldwide service for international assignees – 1000 major airports

ExpatRide is the preferred provider for many Global Fortune companies and relocation companies.

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Program For Employees On International Assignments

Our professional Airport Transportation Services works globally and can be combined with our rental car, chauffeur service, and car leasing programs.

Offering professional meet & greet services. Our attentive staff monitors each arriving flight to ensure that you will be picked up on time. A chauffeur will greet you at the appropriate pick-up area with a tablet or sign displaying your name.

We cover all major airports worldwide.

Direct billing is available in USD, GBP, AUD, and EUR.

Service Features

Airport Transfer FAQ

  • What are the benefits of using airport transfer?

    Expats typically arrive exhausted after their flights – even short journeys get bogged down by arrival procedures conducted by the receiving airport. Airport transfers help offload the burden from tired travelers to trained chauffeurs.

    Our drivers are briefed on your pickup and drop off point well in advance, providing them ample time to plan out a route that maximizes comfort, minimizes traffic, and guarantees your safety. Clients won’t have to worry about navigating through unfamiliar surroundings – they’re free to recuperate after a long day’s journey. 

  • Is airport transfer expensive?

    Airport transfers may seem expensive, but they provide more value than picking up a rental car directly at the airport. Most airports tack on a concession fee to operate on their premises, with the added cost discretely getting passed down to the customer. Sometimes it’s included in the base rate for your vehicle rental, making it even harder to spot.

    Additionally, travel fatigue and lack of familiarity driving in the region may lead to other complications on the trip – adding further expenses, delaying arrival time, and even jeopardizing your safety. Airport transfers may cost more upfront, but they’re a worthwhile investment for a traveler’s peace of mind.

  • The client is bringing lots of luggage – will this be a problem?

    Bulky or plentiful baggage won’t be a problem, so long as you warn us in advance. Airport transfer services use a wide range of vehicles to accommodate arriving clients, whether that be a single person with a backpack or a whole family packing their belongings!

    Clients aren’t obligated to retain their airport transfer vehicle for the duration of their lease. If they’re not happy with its bulk, they can opt to trade it in for a smaller rental car as early as the next day! Just give us a heads up and we’ll make the necessary arrangements.

  • Are child seats provided in an airport transfer?

    Child seats may be requested for airport transfers, but their availability cannot be guaranteed. Additionally, there's no way to ensure that the procured seating will be to the child's liking. For this reason, we would strongly recommend bringing your own child seats for the journey.

  • Are customers expected to provide gratuity to the driver?

    Customers are under no expectation nor obligation to provide gratuity - it's already been integrated into the price. That said, customers are more than welcome to tip ExpatRide's drivers if they're especially pleased with their chauffeur's service.

  • Can I bring food and drinks into the car?

    While you're welcome to bring food and drink onto the ride, we discourage consuming them on the trip itself. Vehicle cleanliness is an integral part of our service, and clients responsible for spillages or stains will be held liable for the cleaning fee, leading to additional charges.

  • How far in advance do I need to request an Airport Transfer reservation?

    Airport transfers require a good deal of logistical effort and coordination, necessitating at least two to three days of advanced booking time. That said, earlier bookings give us more time to meet your transportation needs to the very best of our ability.

  • Are extra stops chargeable?

    Extra stops are chargeable - even stops along the way will be counted. You aren't just paying for the mileage and service, but the driver's time and effort. This is the chief reason why final charges are determined only upon service completion.

  • What factors can affect the price for Airport Transfer?

    Airport Transfer prices are mainly affected by the following:

    * The inclusion of additional pick up or drop-off points (even along the route)
    * Customer failure to arrive at the agreed-upon time, delaying the journey.
    * Damages incurred to the vehicle (case-dependent)
    * The request of additional service time beyond the original reservation terms

  • What if my flight ends up delayed?

    While punctual arrivals are the client's responsibility, flight delays are something entirely out of anyone's hands. We at ExpatRide recognize that these untimely situations can occur, and can assure you that it won't be held against you.

    Airport transfer drivers are responsible for tracking your flight, delays included, and will await you at the airport at the revised arrival time.

  • Will chauffeurs assist with luggage and personal effects?

    Chauffeurs are ready and willing to assist you with hauling luggage, carry-ons, and even pet crates as needed!

    If you'd prefer handling your belongings personally, please let them know.

Reliable & Safe Transfer

Chauffeurs are trained on safety to utilize every-day practices that add extra reliability to each trip. Trained on the Smith System, and prepared to transport our clients in the harshest weather conditions. The vehicles hardwired with a GPS tracking transponder that reports directly to our office of historical and current vehicle speeds and locations. Each chauffeur is equipped with an iPad that streamlines trip itineraries, mapping, status updates, additional tracking & passenger profile notes for special requests. The Chauffeur’s iPads integrate directly to report chauffeur location and real-time status updates.

The EcoRide Program

Mandated by the client, EcoRide Choice is designed to always choose the eco-friendlier option on behalf of the employee.

We work with corporations and relocation companies within an agreed greener framework. The choices are made across six continents, 175 countries, and all our services.

Choices worldwide:

  • Airport Transfer
  • Car Rental
  • Car Leasing
  • Chauffeur Service
  • Armored Vehicles

Learn about EcoRide here

Fast Track Through Airport

Fast-track immigration – Let us escort you through priority immigration lanes at hundreds of airports worldwide, when applicable. We can help with immigration procedures upon arrival. Don’t spend unnecessary time waiting in line or dealing with complicated immigration policies.

Baggage assistance and porter service – We will escort you to the correct luggage carousel and carry your bags through customs to your final ground transportation option.

Customs control – Your Fast Track Concierge will whisk you through customs control and advise on any tax minimization strategies pertaining to any valuables you are carrying.

Fast Track can only be booked together with an airport transfer.

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