ExpatRide White Paper

Driving Sustainability: The Case for Eco-Conscious Assignments in Global Mobility

Global Mobility's Positive Impact on Assignees!

Our White Paper offers a holistic perspective on Global Mobility and its climate impact. It goes beyond the relocation phase, considering the entire assignment period. By focusing on the environmental choices made during the assignment, we can create a much greater positive impact and change.

The content of the White Paper:

  • Global Mobility’s Role in Sustainability
  • Embracing Holistic Relocation Practices
  • The Impact of Global Transportation
  • Navigating Regulatory Terrain for Sustainability
  • Sustainability & Cultural Awareness Training
  • Empowering Assignees for Environmental Impact
  • Sustainability and Transportation Services
  • Offsetting a 40-foot Container
  • The Future of Mobility: A Look Ahead to 2035
  • A Sustainable Transportation Plan
  • + loads of resources, data, and calculations

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