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Reservation form for Rental Cars in 175 Countries – Airport Transfers from 1000 Major Airports

Please also see below how we can assist with daily chauffeur service and expat car leasing

Cartus Airport Transfer, Fast Track & Rental Car Service

Program For Employees On International Assignments – From one day to years. We can combine and tailor all services according to the client’s needs.

Airport Transfer

Professional meet & greet services. A chauffeur will greet you at the appropriate pick-up area with a tablet or sign displaying your name. ExpatRide coordinates all details with the assignee. ExpatRide’s local provider will monitor each arriving flight to ensure that pick up is on time. An armored vehicle can be arranged when required.

Upgrade Airport Transfer with Fast Track: The assignee is greeted by a Fast Track Service Person as they exit the airplane, escorting the assignee through fast track immigration, assisting with luggage, and carrying the bags through customs to the airport transfer driver waiting outside.

Rental Car Program

For assignees in need of vehicles from one day and more prolonged, to make their day-to-day or month-to-month rental experience more convenient. The ExpatRide rental program provides discounted all-inclusive rates (inclusions: rental car, tax/fees, insurance, and mileage allowance. Eco-friendlier cars can be provided where available. Full flexibility: Rental cars can be returned at any time.

Note: In addition to the daily/weekly/monthly rental car cost quoted, there is no additional monthly fee associated with the ExpatRide rental car program.

Daily/Hourly Chauffeur/Private Car

The service is customized based on the client’s specific needs. Daily/hourly chauffeur service can cover both workdays and weekends and as many hours as needed a day. ExpatRide coordinates the program with the assignee and manages all ongoing support. An armored vehicle can be arranged when required. This service can be booked via

Bus Service

Bus transportation in multiple cities worldwide, be it airport transfers, daily, etc. Vehicle categories from 10-passenger minibusses (Mercedes Sprinter) to buses carrying 55 passengers. This service can be booked via

Expat Car Leasing

ExpatRide’s tailored expat programs allow assignees with no local credit history to individually lease vehicles without having their employer co-sign the lease. The ExpatRide “Personal Car Shopper Service” gives the assignee the benefit of a skilled and knowledgeable contact person who understands the local auto market. The Personal Car Shopper will assist with vehicle options, quotes, insurance, registration, and delivery. In some countries, this service can be direct billed to Cartus.

Airport Transfer, Fast Track & Rental Car Reservation Form

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Your Single Point Of Contact Car Service

Just like a race car driver, we let you focus on the road ahead, only spending minimal time with us doing pit-stop initiations. We’ll keep you updated, while you race on!