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A Destination Service Created For Expats Moving to and Living in Singapore

With the foreign professional in mind, you do not need a Singapore credit history to be approved. We have included auto insurance and roadside assistance in the lease payments. You will work with your own Personal Car Shopper, who will assist you with all your questions, provide quotes, and ensure a hassle-free delivery of your new car.

Flexible Expat Lease Terms

Offer lease on any preferred car – many makes/models, new or pre-owned. We will negotiate the price and arrange financing, whether you wish to lease or purchase. Car lease starts at 12 months.

No Down Payment

Just 1 month refundable deposit + 1 month advance rental payment

Expat Auto Insurance

Full comprehensive insurance with 3rd party liability included

Maintenance and 24/7 Breakdown Service

Maintenance and 24/7 Breakdown Service. Free replacement car while any maintenance/repairs

We can assist you in all of Singapore

All major cities and all smaller cities, we’ll be there for you: Singapore, Hougang, Tampines,Pasir Ris, Yishun, Choa Chu Kang, Toa Payoh, Bukit Batok and the list goes on…

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We often get great deals available on first come first serve basis. Fill out the contact form below and receive a link to our current offers. We will guide you through the options and the process of getting your new car.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is a Singapore driver’s license needed to start the process?

    We can work with foreign driver’s licenses in English letters, however, please note that these must be converted to a Singapore driver’s license within 12 months of arrival.

  • Do you offer used vehicles for lease?

    Yes, we offer both used and new vehicles.

  • What is the estimated delivery time for a lease car?

    Depending on the manufacturer a brand-new car order will take about 2 months, while a used car in stock can be delivered within 1-2 weeks

  • What does "insurance deductible" mean?

    The Insurance deductible is the driver’s maximum insurance liability. This will only be chargeable for car accidents or damage. Charges will not be imposed if an accident or damage does not occur during the rental or lease period.

  • Can an additional second-named driver be permitted to drive the vehicle?

    Yes, ExpatRide provides a complimentary additional second-named driver, provided that their valid driver’s license is presented upon booking confirmation. All lease terms and conditions applicable to the primary car lessee will also apply to the additional second-named driver.

  • What happens if the lease car needs to be returned earlier?

    A lease contract in Singapore is a closed-end contract. If the car is returned earlier, the remaining months on the agreed lease term must be paid.

  • What payment options are there for a lease?

    The cost for the lease can either be direct billed by ExpatRide to the employer/RMC or it can be paid for directly by the assignee to our leasing partner.

  • What services are included in the lease?

    • 24-hour breakdown service
    • Option to change car when needed
    • Parts replacement
    • Unlimited mileage for most brands

  • Do you support HR with their expats’ transportation needs?

    Yes, we can assist corporate human resource divisions in coordinating all transportation needs for their employees on international assignments.

  • How can ExpatRide support our corporate relocation service needs?

    We work with you to establish a global mobility program for all aspects of car transportation. Aligning customary transportation across continents, budgets, allowances, self-pay, approved vehicles, individually tailored solutions, and centralized direct billing arrangement across all services.

    If you work with a Relocation Management Company, we can support and implement the plan mentioned above together with the RMC, including coordinating expense management for your employees, thus utilizing the relocation support services infrastructure already provided to you by the RMC. We work with all the major RMCs and Destination Services Providers.

Practical Information on Driving in Singapore

Speed Limits

Most roads: 50 km/h unless stated otherwise
School Zones / Silver Zones: 40 km/h
Expressways: 80 km/h or 90 km/h

Kids in cars

The law states that a person below 1.35 m in height is not allowed to travel in a motor vehicle unless they are properly secured by an approved child restraint appropriate to their height and weight, or a body restraining seat belt when seated on a booster seat cushion or when using a seat with an approved adjustable seat belt.

Minimum age

The minimum age to drive a motor vehicle and getting a Qualified Driving Licence (QDL) in Singapore is 18 years old.


You must have both a valid foreign driving license and an International Driving Permit (IDP) to drive in Singapore. For visitors from ASEAN countries, the requirements are more simplified, allowing you to drive without an international permit.

Alcohol and driving

Don’t do it! Singapore’s legal drink-driving limit is strictly enforced at 0.08% blood alcohol content.

Auto Insurance

TPO Insurance is mandatory in Singapore. TPO provides coverage for other people when you cause damage. When you cause an accident, the insurer pays for anything that needs to be fixed for the person whose car you hit, but you have to pay your own damages. Moreover, TPO is paid only when your fault has been proven.

Phone and driving

Using your phone while driving is illegal in Singapore.

Seat belts

Seat belts are mandatory in Singapore.

Driver's License

Driving in Singapore for temporary visitors

Tourists or temporary visitors to Singapore can drive using a valid foreign licence and an International Driving Permit (IDP), issued by the authorities in your home country. In general, international permits are issued by the authorities issuing driving permits, although other bodies such as the Automobile Association (AA) might also be able to deliver international permits. Official English translations are required in the absence of international permits. If you come from one of the ASEAN states (Association of South-East Asian Nations), you can drive in Singapore without an international permit. For further details on how to obtain translations or international licences, you need to contact the authorities which have issued your current licence, as these tend to vary and change over time.

Driving in Singapore for long term residents

After 12 months in Singapore, it is compulsory to obtain a local license. Permanent Residents, students and long-term residents need to apply for a local driving license. When applying, you will be required to prove the legitimacy of your stay; this can be done by providing details of an employment contract or details of your course of study. New citizens and permanent residency holders need to convert their foreign licenses within three months of obtaining their new status.

To apply for a local license, you will need to pass the Basic Theory Test (BTT) in one of the three approved schools in Singapore. If successful, the next step is to exchange your national driving license for a local license in a Traffic Police Driving Test Centre. Documents required include:

  • Original and photocopy of your passport and residency documentation
  • Original and photocopy of your valid foreign driving license
  • A recent passport-sized matte, color photograph of yourself with a white background (further details are available online)
  • A processing fee of SGD 50 (payment is only possible through a cash card or NETS card)
  • A translation of your driving license (if not in English)
  • Details of the first date of issue of your license

Note that there are further documentation requirements for Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents. This includes documentation that you have worked or studied in a foreign country for a year or more. If your driving permit has expired, you need to seek documentation showing details of when you passed your test, the date of issue of your license as well as your driving record details.

Driving licenses issued to foreigners will be valid for a period of 5 years from the date on which the license is issued. Renewals should then be carried out within a month of the date of expiry of the license. Licenses issued to Singaporean citizens and Permanent Residents have unlimited validity and do not need to be renewed.

Please see more details on the website of Expat.com.

Note: Information may not be up-to-date. Please check official government information for latest laws and regulations.

We finance many makes and models nationwide

We offer the following car brands Singapore

Audi, Bentley, BMW, Chrysler, Ferrari, Fiat, Ford,Genesis, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar, Jeep, Kia, Lamborghini, Lancia, Land Rover, Lexus, Lotus, Maserati, Mazda, Mercedes Benz, Mini, Mitsubishi, MG, Nissan, Opel, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, Rolls-Royce, Skoda, Smart, Subaru, Suzuki, Tesla, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo

"So responsive and a pleasure to deal with"

– Neil from Britain, BMW X1

”The service we received was amazing! Out of everything we've had to do with our move overseas, getting our new car was the easiest and most stress-free."

- Jochen from Germany, VW Tiguan

We are ready to assist!

    • Start process before or after arrival to Singapore
    • Competitive interest rates
    • Choose from many makes and models
    • Online and phone service saves time and hassle with visiting dealers
    • Intercultural assistance throughout the term in regards to registration, renewals etc.